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Free cover for Khazimula Children’s Home

Khazimula Children’s Home is a shelter for abused and abandoned children situated in the heart of the Kwazulu Natal Midlands. Khazimula provides a safe, secure and loving environment for children who don’t have the privilege of a traditional family to provide these most basic needs. Although Khazimula is partially government funded, they rely very heavily on additional private funding in order to survive. A number of years ago John Burnett Insurance Brokers was approached by the Khazimula board’s chairperson to review their insurance needs. As a business based very much around strong family values, the work that Khazimula was doing immediately resonated with us. This resulted in a decision by us to provide insurance cover to Khazimula at our own expense. In addition, to this we have made Khazimula our charity of choice through various fund raising initiatives over the years and we will continue to do so. Oliver Burnett and his wife Kirsten have also raised substantial amounts of money for Khazimula through various events and adventures that they have done such as the Comrades Marathon, The Ironman Triathlon and an eight day mountain bike ride from the Vaal river to the Kwazulu Natal South Coast. Watch the video here. Most notably this has helped Khazimula build an entirely new ablution block for the children and fund a promotional video to assist with fund raising . Watch this space for more exciting events and adventures that we will use as a platform to both raise money and awareness for Khazimula. John Burnett Insurance Brokers are also planning a fun but gruelling challenge to break the current South African record for the number of golf holes played by a four ball, hitting alternate shots over [...]

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Chartered gets a new “signature” brand identity

Recently, a brand essence survey was done amongst Chartered Insurance Brokers clients and staff to determine perceptions of the Chartered Insurance Brokers brand. Overwhelmingly, the research indicated a close association with the founder of the business, John Burnett - who personifies the brand. The brand was indicated as having significant positive feelings associated with it such as family, aspiration, trust, happiness and compassion - all stemming from the ethos of the company, created by John Burnett in 1958. Based on the strong, extremely positive association with the John Burnett legacy, the decision was made to change the brand name of the company to John Burnett Insurance Brokers and create a whole new brand identity for the company. Fundamental to this new identity is a "signature brand logo", which further personalises the association. Everything the company does is endorsed and "underwritten" by John Burnett and needs to abide by his principles and values. The visual language used enforces the feeling of belonging to the John Burnett family. The new colour palette of the brand identity includes a rich chocolate brown along with a lime and avocado green accent colours. The brown and avocado green signify tradition, heritage and compassion. Lime adds a splash of new and fresh. "People and family are of critical importance to us," says John Burnett Insurance Brokers MD, Oliver Burnett. "We aim to deliver exceptional personal service to generations of clients in a caring, professional and friendly environment. The new John Burnett Insurance Brokers brand identity depicts our brand legacy and speaks volumes about who we are and what we are trying to achieve," explains Oliver. Welcome to the family!  

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Glenn Harrison Freedom Challenge Sponsorship

John Burnett Insurance Brokers are very proud to be a headline sponsor for one of SA's most talented extreme mountain bikers - Glenn Harrison at the Freedom Challenge 2014. Glenn's goal this year is to win the Freedom Challenge; a super-extreme, unassisted mountain bike race covering 2 300km of isolated countryside, which ultimately ends in Paarl in the Cape before the cut-off date on 14 July. We look forward to following Glenn Harrison's race preparation and progress at for this year's Freedom Challenge Race, which kicks off on the 7th of June in Pietermaritzburg (mid-winter). Definitely not for the faint-hearted, the Freedom Challenge route follows the Freedom trail, which was launched as part of South Africa's "10 Years of Freedom" celebrations. A keen mountain-biker himself, Oliver Burnett, MD of John Burnett Insurance Brokers, had the good fortune of meeting Glenn on a 7-day ride from the Vaal to the KwaZulu Natal coast in late May 2012. Glenn was using the ride as his final training for his 2012 attempt at winning the race across South Africa, more commonly known as the Freedom Challenge. The concept of the Freedom Challenge has always intrigued Oliver and spending time with Glenn only served to peak his interest even more. "The Freedom Challenge is a truly hardcore event, demanding a huge amount from anyone attempting to just finish it, never mind win it. It is tough, uncompromising and definitely does not take any prisoners," says Oliver. One of the things that impressed Oliver the most about Glenn is his ability to remain calm under extreme conditions - one of the most important attributes to be successful on the Freedom Challenge. "Something WILL happen, it is how you deal with it that [...]

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