Recently, a brand essence survey was done amongst Chartered Insurance Brokers clients and staff to determine perceptions of the Chartered Insurance Brokers brand.

Overwhelmingly, the research indicated a close association with the founder of the business, John Burnett – who personifies the brand.

The brand was indicated as having significant positive feelings associated with it such as family, aspiration, trust, happiness and compassion – all stemming from the ethos of the company, created by John Burnett in 1958.

Based on the strong, extremely positive association with the John Burnett legacy, the decision was made to change the brand name of the company to John Burnett Insurance Brokers and create a whole new brand identity for the company.

Fundamental to this new identity is a “signature brand logo”, which further personalises the association. Everything the company does is endorsed and “underwritten” by John Burnett and needs to abide by his principles and values.

The visual language used enforces the feeling of belonging to the John Burnett family.

The new colour palette of the brand identity includes a rich chocolate brown along with a lime and avocado green accent colours. The brown and avocado green signify tradition, heritage and compassion. Lime adds a splash of new and fresh.

“People and family are of critical importance to us,” says John Burnett Insurance Brokers MD, Oliver Burnett.

“We aim to deliver exceptional personal service to generations of clients in a caring, professional and friendly environment. The new John Burnett Insurance Brokers brand identity depicts our brand legacy and speaks volumes about who we are and what we are trying to achieve,” explains Oliver.

Welcome to the family!