We understand that the traditional claims process can often be laborious and time consuming. With this in mind, we are constantly reviewing our own processes to make the claims experience as simple and painless as possible. The circumstances of every claim are unique which is why we strongly believe in direct personal contact at the outset of a claim, eliminating frustration and unnecessary paperwork down the line.

For a speedy and friendly resolution of your claim please phone us on +27 (0)11 486 2334 and one of us will gladly assist you.

Vannessa Cunningham

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I have been in claims for 6 years and my knowledge has grown incredibly in that time. I still learn new things every day. I pride myself on the relationship I have with my clients and finalising their claims quickly and professionally gives me huge satisfaction.

I love spending time with my family and reading.


Willie Steenberg

F024 - Chartered Poster

I have worked in the industry for over 50 years. My job gives meaning to my life and is a constant reminder that at my age, I still can make a meaningful contribution.

My life has not been without tragedies and work has been my saving grace. I have very special workmates and clients who appreciate my caring nature and effort. I have been on several training courses and still learn something new each day.

My hobbies are gardening, animals, wild birds and chess.


Alinah Mathabathe

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I started at John Burnett Insurance Brokers in  2011 as a receptionist and since then have been promoted to Third party Claims and Recoveries. I enjoy my work as well as the team I work with, as I learn something every day. I have learnt how to deal with clients, which has boosted my confidence. I can feel how I am growing as a person and love taking on new challenges.

I love spending time with my daughter and going to church.


Antizia Lawrence

LarisaI have been working in the insurance industry for the past 5 years and loving every minute of it. Currently I’m advancing my studies.

I enjoy dealing with clients and finding a solutions to all their needs. I have been told that my enthusiasm for what I do comes through in every interaction I have with others. I am a hardworking and very inspiring lady. I’m also passionate and dedicated to my job. I am hands on in all I do and a people’s person.



Beryl Lourens

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I have around 40 years experience in the insurance industry.

I really enjoy what I do and have built up some very close relationships with my clients. I enjoy talking to clients and helping them out.

I am passionate about birds and have 41 at home. My hobbies are swimming and gardening.


Lizzie Selepe

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I joined John Burnett in 1986 as a filing clerk and  subsequently moved into claims.

Joining John Burnett has taught me to believe that anything is possible. I never would have thought I could work in the insurance industry and be part of such a fantastic team of people.

I enjoy socialising and laughing with other staff members and helping each other when needed. I am passionate about helping clients with their claims and growing my own confidence and knowledge.

My interests are going to church, reading and doing work around the home.