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Tini Schekkerman

S002 - Chartered WebsiteI’ve been in the insurance industry for 30+ years (since 1980) starting with Constantia, AA Mutual, Clive Greeff, SA Eagle (now Zurich) and finally with John Burnett Insurance Brokers for 11 years.

My duties currently entail administration and underwriting of mainly commercial policies, which I am very passionate about.

I am a mother with two grown up kids. I love travelling

especially in our beautiful country. I do a lot of reading and love watching
sport (mainly cricket & rugby).

Aggie Messinezi

S003 - Chartered WebsiteI have been in the Insurance Industry for more than half my life.  I began work in the domestic and commercial underwriting department and finally settled in commercial underwriting.  I have watched this business grow from a small group of eight, into an efficient and dedicated group of 40.

I enjoy my duties and enjoy interacting with clients.  Working here has given me confidence in my business abilities.

My passion is my marriage and two wonderful children.  I am a fashion freak, always intrigued by the latest styles.  I like good music and enjoy a relaxing weekend with family.

Bernice Dorfman

S033 - Chartered WebsiteThey say that when you have a purpose in life the platform to success is laid firm but it is when your work values and your personal values share commonality that platform becomes a catapult.

I am passionate about fulfilling my duties with the same values and integrity that I hold in my personal life. I consider it a pleasure to serve our clients and an honour to be part of the John Burnett family.

I have been in the industry for 25 years and feel our greatest endorsement is the generations of clients we have served.

In my spare time I am a passionate baker and cook, I am an avid reader but my most passionate and treasured purpose is that of being an adoring grandmother, wife and mother.

Peter Fischer

S008 - Chartered WebsiteI’ve been in the insurance industry for 30+ years (since 1983) and am experienced in insurance brokering and underwriting personal, commercial & corporate accounts. I recently joined John Burnett Insurance Brokers with Leighton Morris Risk Services, for whom I worked for the past 10 years.

My present duties entail insurance administration and underwriting commercial accounts. I am excited at having joined the John Burnett family.

I’m also a keen wildlife photographer and enjoy going to game reserves and camping. In my spare time I keep busy with various DIY projects, gardening and researching anything to do with wildlife photography.

Marlene Grobler

S022 - Chartered WebsiteI joined the Burnett Group 2 years ago, bringing with me a set of values, work ethics and experience garnered from 22 years in the insurance industry.  I am proud to be part of this team and together we have given a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘service excellence’.  We are geared to give our clients nothing short of the very best service, always aspiring to John’s original vision for this company.

Intelligent communication, combined with empathy and knowledge is the fibre which binds people together and by placing knowledgeable people with similar goals, visions and work ethics together in a team is the cornerstone of success.  It is a pleasure working in an environment where synergy and understanding between our valued clients and staff members, despite the adverse economic climate, is the order of the day.  Our clients have become part of the family and continue to entrust  us with their portfolios, because of our expertise and commitment to service.

The great passions of my life other than business are art, literature and music.

Ursula Landers

S007 - Chartered WebsiteI recently joined John Burnett Insurance Brokers with Leighton Morris Risk Services, for whom I worked for six years doing personal & commercial insurance underwriting and claims.

I love travelling, the outdoors, hiking and watching a good movie. I adore my family dearly and enjoy spending lots of time with them.

Beryl Lourens

S012 - Chartered Website

I have around 40 years experience in the insurance industry.

I really enjoy what I do and have built up some very close relationships with my clients. I enjoy talking to clients and helping them out.

I am passionate about birds and have 41 at home. My hobbies are swimming and gardening.