1. First contact with complainant will not automatically result in a complaint that can be logged.  This means that the person taking the call will not have to log the complaint as a matter of course particularly if the complaint is dealt with at this stage, within the normal work pipeline and escalation procedures.
  2. If a complaint received at first contact stage is so serious that the member of staff immediately realizes that it will not be resolved at this stage, the client should be requested to put his complaint in writing to be dealt with by the person dealing with escalations.  The complaint should be logged at this stage and compliance notified of the details so it can be completed on the complaints register.
  3. Where the complaint is not within administration control – in other words if it is a complaint about poor advise or allegations that the Representative incorrectly sold a contract or   alternative FAIS complaint against the representative, the case  must be referred to the manager in charge of the representative.  Advise compliance officer so the complaint can be logged on the complaints register.
  4. If the complaint is such that it cannot be resolved at first contact – i.e. in the normal work pipeline, then it must be escalated to the manager.
“First Contact” is defined as the first time the client is lodging a complaint on a particular matter.


Whilst it is not possible to negotiate “blanket” service level agreements with the clients for the resolution of FAIS complaints, the following internal service targets will apply:

  • Acknowledgement of receipt of complaints:
  • Within 1 hour of receipt, if telephone number available.
  • Written complaints must be acknowledged with 24 hours and must quote contact name and number of person accountable for resolving the complaint.
  • Resolution of complaints and closing feedback loop – 5 working days.
  • Cases that require in depth investigation or information to be sourced from other parties could overrun the 5-day target.  In such instances the person responsible must manage the client’s expectations and concerns with regular feedback and reassurance.
  • The total elapsed time allowed for us to resolve a complaint completely including any compensation due to the client is six weeks as per legislative requirements.


  1. The person who logged the complaint will resolve the complaint.
  2. The person who logged the complaint will do the investigation.  This could result in other areas needing to supply information.  Once investigated, if the complaint does not belong to our area, it will be forwarded to the relevant area for resolution.
  3. The person who logged the request or the person it has been forwarded to will deal with the response to the complaint.  The response must be in writing.
  4. All complaints must be resolved to the client’s satisfaction.  If not, then any further avenues available to the client must be detailed in the response including the details for the FAIS Ombud, in the event of the client not accepting the resolution.  The client must also be advised that he only has 6 months to escalate the case to the FAIS Ombud.
  5. Where error cause removal is indicated the following will apply – in the case of individual or once-off negligence, error or behavioural aberration, we will refer details to the staff member’s Manager for appropriate action – where an error trend or broken process has been identified, we will refer details to the relevant Manager for action.
  6. The communication must contain a full explanation of resolution detail and must quote the   contact.
  7. All undertakings in the resolution must be delivered within the prescribed 6 weeks period.